Menu at Aperitif Restaurant and Bar - Eclectic Global Cuisine in Ubud Bali

Menu : Eclectic Global Cuisine

The menu explores global cuisine by way of the Indonesian archipelago, introducing a melange of flavours that reflect the borderless nature of today’s world.

Belgian Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken takes culinary influences from the old Spice Islands and combines it with distinctly modern European flavours and cooking techniques. The sophisticated, eight-course degustation menu presents an unrivalled culinary journey that brings together the flavours of modern gastronomy, lesser-known Indonesian ingredients, exquisite produce sourced globally, and the property’s own greenhouse harvest.

The sophisticated degustation menu embraces the European apéritif concept initially, followed by an eclectic menu of gastronomy.

Degustation Only

Starting from Rp. 1,350,000++ per person

Venison Wellington/ King Oyster Mushroom Rendang

The dish is coming from Beef en croute (French cuisine), But is first published as Beef Wellington in 1903. It’s a very old recipe that we changed to our own version with chilled venison, mushroom rendang and kale. The vegetarians get a Mushroom rendang Wellington. King oyster is a meaty mushroom perfect to stew long time. Two very old recipe mixed in 1 to respect the traditions of both.


Octopus Kemangi Sweet Potato

The star of the dish is the Kemangi sauce, the acidic basil herb gives a perfect balance with the perfectly cooked tender octopus, the sweet potato is cooked with lots of local spices.


Cheese Dessert (Signature of Alex)

is a reflection of a cheese platter with goat cheese and local produced Burrata, the side of the “cheese wheel” are home made local fruit jams


About Apéritif

  • Apéritif Restaurant and Bar Bali


    A restaurant that takes pride in sense of place, drawing on a rich cultural and culinary history in Indonesia.

  • Apéritif Bar Bali


    Apéritif Bar is your first port of call when embarking on this decadent experience. The evening begins with a complimentary pre-dinner drink and canapés at the Bar.

  • Apéritif Restaurant and Bar Bali

    Interior Design

    A nod to Indonesia's colonial past, Apéritif is opulently decorated in marbles, dark woods and bronze elements to capture the convivially grand atmosphere of the 1920s.